Creative and packshot photoshoot for British lingerie brand Nubian Skin

Creative and packshot photoshoot for British lingerie brand Nubian Skin

The Nubian Skin brand is something completely innovative on the market. The founder of this company noticed a big lack in nude lingerie for women whose skin tone is diffrent than the "nude" lingerie found in most stores.

detail photo with the Nubian skin logo embroidered on the underwear belt

The advertising session for this brand was to emphasize the quality of workmanship, but also to reflect the color of the underwear as faithfully as possible.

a creative photo of a brown bra on a simple hanger in a uniform color composition

We have focused on the details and thanks to this, each customer can view this product with the most careful attention.

detail photo of brown Nubian Skin lingerie

In the creative session, we focused on detail and flat lay photography, but we also tried to create a composition that would ideally emphasize the color and subtlety of the lingerie. We also did a packshot session. Packshots can be used as single photos, but also compose them in compositions so that they present one product in different color versions.

a creative photo in a square frame arranged on a beige material

Created by women for women, so that every woman can feel good and find "nude" underwear that matches all skin-tone.

product photos compilation of ghost underwear type in skin tones on white background
detail photo showing the quality of the underwear
a compilation of four ghost product photos of one nubian skin body model
detail of dark brown Nubian Skin underwear
a composition of four photos of one body model on a hanger on a beige background in a uniform color scheme