Clothes for bicycle enthusiasts straight from the 3-City

Clothes for bicycle enthusiasts straight from the 3-City

The advertising session for the Pora brand is a combination of a creative session in which we focused on detail, interesting composition and flat lay photography. There was also a packshot session, a sample of which can be found at the bottom of the page.

What do we pay attention to when choosing sports clothes? Of course, quality, workmanship and a perfect finish! There is no better way to show it in a photo than as close as possible and focus on the detail.

In addition, flat lay photography allowed us to present several products in one photo.

We tried to arrange the space in the most interesting way - we focused on arranging products in different levels and at different distances.

Right next to the creative session, we made a whole series of packshots here, a small sample from the entire range.

Packshots can be used not only as a product presentation, but also in combination with a photo of a detail, they can show the project with attention to details proving the quality of the product.